This Week at AJC


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The American Jury Centers division of AJC focuses on Putting the Jury First by understanding how jurors are likely to initially approach a case and what they will want to know in order to decide it.




Quantitative Case Evaluation
Our clients often have to recommend reserves, pre-litigation settlement values, and allocation estimates among co-defendants or co-plaintiffs. We know how to help get that done.


Jury Research
Mock Trials: These are basic to the skill set of jury researchers, yet how inconsistent the quality of the product across the universe of providers! Not with us. We deliver thoughtful, intelligent work every single time.

Witness Study: This is particularly useful in selecting corporate representatives and experts who may testify repeatedly. There is no need for a theory of how they will perform. Why not simply know?

National Baseline Research: MDL? Serial litigation? Reputation issue? Ask us how we can get our clients the big picture without having to survey the entire country.


Venue Analysis
Is a case at a greater advantage in one venue than another? We know how to find the answers to that and the more important question: If there is greater threat in one place than another, what can you do about it?


Development & Design of Demonstrative Exhibits
The secret is to apply principles from education when designing tools to educate. What a concept!


Juror Questionnaires, Design and Evaluation
Put simply, nobody does this better than we do. We do it so well that Clerks of Court often thank us for making it so easy on them and the Trial Court.



Assistance with Voir Dire
Voir dire is at once communication and audience measurement. Ask us about it.


Jury Selection
There is the use of voir dire measures and juror questionnaires in jury selection- and then there is the effective use of voir dire measures and juror questionnaires.


Jury Monitoring
How often have clients asked, “How is the trial going?” It is nice to have the answer.


Shadow Jury
This little used technique is perfect in certain circumstances. It is important to know just when to use it and precisely how.



Post Trial Juror Interviews
Jurors who have served on a case can make a wonderful and uniquely informative focus group. We know, because we’ve done it often.