This Week at AJC


Trust. Dedication. Passion.       

AJC Consulting builds “trusted advisor” relationships and helps lawyers successfully position cases for resolution.




Defining Issues and Themes
The naming and describing of issues in a case will shape and color the thinking of Court, Counsel, Witness, Expert, and Juror. We help to find the most meaningful and memorable names and descriptions for issues and events.


Educating Decisionmakers
We help in the design of briefings and presentations for upstream decisionmakers who may not fully understand the risks/opportunity calculus in anticipated or actual litigation.


Mediation Preparation & Settlement Strategy
We understand the organizational and psychological dynamics of resolution talks, formal and informal. When that capacity gets added to the good lawyering of our clients, great things start happening.


Witness Identification and Education
We know what kind of thinking and communicating competencies are necessary in order to make powerful and truthful testimony. We're innovators in the training of 30(b)(6) witnesses and in the teaching of the
essential skills needed to be an effective testifying corporate representative.



Strategy & Thematic Consulting
How to tell a coherent and integrated story in the unique communication framework of a trial? Ask us.


Streamlining Evidence & Testimony
If you can’t SEE what I’m talking about, you may very well have no idea what I’m talking about. It is a matter of great excitement for us; re-inventing ideas as imagery.


Opening Statement & Closing Argument Design
Narrative structure, imagery, feelings, argument wrought in full color; hopes, concessions, themes and refrains. We know how to bring great energy and clarity to the elemental moments at the beginning and end of a trial or arbitration.



CLE Presentations
Will we help you teach about your case or about your litigation area? Of course we will.


Attorney Education

It’s part of our job- and we love to do it.