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AJC Training helps to bring greater simplicity, clarity, and narrative power to the communication of attorneys and the testimony of witnesses.


Mediation Presentation Training


Theme, tone, demonstrative exhibits, a story to tell, a perspective to share. THAT’S what you need for your next mediation..


Witness Preparation Training for Attorneys


Just what you didn’t get in law school: How to teach listening skills, the ability to analyze questions, the capacity to speak to the truth in short and simple statements. You will learn how to train your witnesses to be more effective communicators.


Communication Training for Witnesses


We’ll join in with you in your actual witness preparation sessions and smoothly add communication skill-building, tailored to the needs of that witness, into the flow of your substantive prep. You’ll love it. Your witnesses will love it more.


CLE Seminars for Law Firms and Attorney Organizations


Nobody can make communication training more pure FUN than our team. You and your colleagues will come out smiling because you enjoyed yourselves. You’ll also be smarter in ways you never expected.



by Allan Campo


If you are in an executive role, you have been in the Hotseat. You've been grilled. Roasted. You know what it feels like. Ever wonder how people who are constantly under attack from lawyers learn how to get through it? Now, from a leading consultant in communication, this little book oh-so-creatively teaches the principles of preparation for legal testimony and for acting as a corporate spokesperson. You can learn these skills, learn to think like a witness, and apply it to situations where, like it or not, you are in the spotlight. And you won't believe how well it works! Managerial and executive readers will find highly useful insights here that will also reduce the stress caused by those tough board and commission meetings. They will find surprisingly compact and portable ideas; tools to help get them through what might be the most difficult aspect of their job. In many organizations, as in life, it's not how you handle success, it's how you handle adversity. This book will help you handle it and handle it well.

At last – a little book of wisdom for witnesses! Hotseat provides fresh insights into the sacred trinity of testimony: The truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. Then it teaches witnesses how to truly deliver on the oath they take. Kurt Rozelsky, Smith Moore Leatherwood



by Allan Campo
, Stuart Simon, and Todd Betanzos


From the experts in litigation communication comes this much-requested compilation of tips for helping lawyers in civil cases prepare witnesses for testimony in deposition and at trial. This manual is filled with tools to help you do what you will spend most of your time actually doing with your most important fact witnesses: finding out what they know, helping them think about how to testify to it clearly and accurately, and preparing them for questioning at deposition by an adverse party's attorney. This small book is packed with substance and will be your constant companion and reference.

“It is as simple as this: Every lawyer in our firm now has a copy of this book.” Marc Young, Cokinos Bosien & Young


“Witness Preparation should be in the briefcase of every lawyer who has to get witnesses ready to testify. It is an unbelievable resource to which you will return again and again.”
Jack Laffey, Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek