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Trust. Dedication. Passion.
Our focus is on the early resolution of legal disputes. It’s what we do, who we are, and what we strive for.

We draw upon social science theory and methodology, and empower clients to operate with the high level of confidence that helps resolve disputes. Our seasoned clients contact us early, often before cases are even filed, before battle lines are drawn.


Our business is understanding what a case or claim might look like when fully realized, and then helping clients develop a resolution strategy based on that understanding. We are committed to seeing, creating, and seizing pathways to resolution.


Make no mistake. If resolution fails, we are trial ready, trial tested, and trial hardened. We’ve helped scores of lawyers and clients achieve their best case scenario in the courtroom.


Our Services


AJC has three divisions; AJC Consulting, AJC American Jury Centers and AJC Training. These divisions work seamlessly together to form one of the most comprehensive suites of services you will find.

Some of our services include:


 Mediation Preparation
 Strategy & Thematic Consulting
 Opening Statement & Closing Argument Design

 Jury Research
 Jury Selection
 Post-Trial Juror Interviews

   Witness Preparation Training for Attorneys
 Communication Training of Witnesses
 CLE Seminars and Witness Preparation


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