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American Jury Centers


Focus Groups


Our clients often have to recommend reserves, pre-litigation settlement values, and allocation estimates among co-defendants or co-plaintiffs. We know how to help get that done.

Mock Trials


These are basic to the skill set of jury researchers, yet how inconsistent the quality of the product across the universe of providers! Not with us. We deliver thoughtful, intelligent work every single time.

Witness Communication Training


We’ll join in with you in your actual witness preparation sessions and smoothly add communication skill-building, tailored to the needs of that witness, into the flow of your substantive prep. You’ll love it. Your witnesses will love it more.

SJQ's, Voir Dire & Jury Selection


Put simply, nobody does this better than we do. There is the use of voir dire measures and juror questionnaires in jury selection- and then there is the effective use of voir dire measures and juror questionnaires.  Voir dire is at once communication and audience measurement. Ask us about it.

Strategic & Thematic Consulting; Opening and Closing Narratives


How to tell a coherent and integrated story in the unique communication framework of a trial? Ask us.  Narrative structure, imagery, feelings, argument wrought in full color; hopes, concessions, themes and refrains. We know how to bring great energy and clarity to the elemental moments at the beginning and end of a trial or arbitration.

Post-Trial Juror Interviews


Whether reconvening the panel in person or conducting telephone interviews; in our experience jurors who have served on a case can make a wonderful and uniquely informative focus group. We know, because we’ve done it often.